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What are you reading?

I have started reading this:

I think it was written by the king of horror fiction Stephen King.

Me: after reading that my vagina will get drier and wider than The Grand Canyon

Not even Barbara could console me that the 'Menopause' is ok in anyway.

I am Kenneth Williams in this picture btw.

No amount of 'Carrying On' will do though. I decide to look forward and be positive. Fundamentally it is a privilege that I have lived this long. Not every woman gets that chance. So I will put on my big girl pants (these big girl pants are surely to become Tenor lady pants soon) and began to research.

Dear friend, reading books, magazines and internet has helped me realise that the menopause is natural and nothing to fear. I will share my research with large dollops of humour in my next blog.

Until then let's all be like Matron below and tell our fears and possible ignorant misconceptions of the menopause too f*"k the f*"k off.

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