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Back to School

I wont sleep on Sunday night. Never do. Too much overthinking, last minute fretting, late planning, and wracking my brain trying to remember if I sent the SENCO my provision map.

I will fall into a deep deep slumber 10 minutes before my alarm goes off.

So Summer Term, yes you heard me Summer Term is here! Don't be fooled by the gale force winds, torrential rain and low temperatures we are busy planning outdoor provision, picnics and sports days!

We are ready.

However I am in no way ready to get rid of my tights and fleece! The idea of my white legs in sandals is quite frankly too much too soon.

But time waits for no lady and like all good infant school teachers there is a plan.

  1. Go to the gym to get summer body ready. (No really go. 'Just saying' doesn't count).

  2. Get new razor (hide from teenage daughter).

  3. Get fake tan (stand and look confused in Superdrug for at least half an hour).

  4. Get exfoliating.

Now this is not just a cynical plug for my products but ... my Salt Scrub does work. It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling like silk.

So before you apply layers of Cuprinol. Exfoliate. Get it on here or ask me in person.

Tick. One less thing to overthink!

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