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A place to be revived, invigorated, soothed and calmed.


Hello I'm Amanda and welcome!  

I've been an infant school teacher since 1995.  That means I've been tired for 25 years!  I don't know about you but I crave a little luxury during my busy week however I can never quite bring myself to justify expensive beauty brands when there are new school shoes to buy.  Therefore

The Potting Shed Boutique was born.  Pots of joy in beautiful packaging, with labels that I can personalise, that will not break the bank.  They wont promise to change your life, wash your dishes, de-clutter your home or make teenagers answer their phones but they will make you smell and feel amazing.

Personalised labels below:  I am happy to print both polite and rude words!











I am told I do simple things well, or was it that I was told I am 'well simple'? Anyways I've made three essential products that are as easy as

One Two Three:

Salt Scrub - smell gorgeous and have silky skin.  Tick VG.  The amber glass jar is luxurious, looks great in the bathroom and can be re-used too. 

Facial Spritzeran aroma sensation.  Spritz and glow! 

Alternatively use as Room/Car Spritzer if you have smelly teenage boys like me. 

Balm - my go to pot that sorts out your lips, cuticles, hair and love life.  (Ok not the last one. Click on Blog - Shed Club - for that!).

Ihere are three rather lovely fragrances to choose from: 

Reviving - be energized by Geranium and Sweet Orange.  A truly irresistible super hero scent that will uplift and transform your mood.  This duo can help overcome the toughest hangover, alleviate shouty PMS and lift the Monday morning blues. 


Invigorating - be restored by Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Sweet Orange. Trust me it will make you and your bathroom smell like the poshest Spa without the fear of being judged when your bikini line is more West Country bridleway than Brazilian landing strip!

Calming - be soothed by Lavender and Sweet Orange. Bliss. Job done.

I have tried and tested 'all three' in staffrooms and can assure you that the range has gone down a storm. The spritzer can be just the trick to help listen to slow readers after lunch, the 'go to' Balm is a must for chapped lips (especially when teaching with all the windows wide open!) and the salt scrub is universally loved because it makes your skin feel like silk and smells divine to use.    

My plan is to get 'potting' and expand my 'capsule wardrobe' of products within in The Potting Shed Boutique.  A bit like shoes and knickers - we can never have enough right? Watch this space! 

Whilst browsing through The Potting Shed Boutique you are very welcome to visit my Blog: 'Shed Club' (and unlike Fight Club I actively encourage you to talk about it! ) - a space to share our stories, swear and laugh together as we try to pot, prune and grow our busy lives.  I was a pregnant widow at 31 yrs, I am currently divorcing and rapidly approaching the menopause. I have three teenagers who eat constantly, roll their eyes at me and never replace the milk/loo roll. Every Thursday I try to get 30 Year R children into Forest School kit and wellies! Need I go on? With Covid-19 enveloping our lives I need a safe place to rant, rave and laugh with like minded others.  I realise that sounds a bit like a cult. It's not.  It's madder than that! 

So welcome to The Potting Shed.  I am both excited and terrified to go 'live' with this site! It's been my baby for over a year and I'm scared of falling flat on my face.  However my life so far has taught me to make the most of chances and challenges.  What's the worse that can happen? - I humiliate myself and my children.  I do that everyday in my kitchen so let's crack on!!!  


Amanda xxx

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