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Autumn Comforts

There is no denying Autumn is here. The weather is colder, the nights are drawing in and we are terrified to put the heating on!

Before we all start hoarding candles and ordering log burners let's remember Autumn is an excuse for big baggy jumpers, red wine and hot chocolate!

Time to hibernate but not neglect ourselves.

I will still continue to use my Reviving Salt Scrub because Autumn air is drying and I will use my Invigorating Balm and Spritzer for the cough I have had for three weeks so far!

As I continue into Week 6 of Term 1 with my Infant School Class we are all benefitting from some Calm Balm and Calming Spritzer in the school staffroom too!

Change is upon us. Embrace the change but don't forget to take care of you.

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