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"Let's have some Spa" he said. Part 1

My partner has been quite ill and I dont mean man flu. I wont go into detail but suffice to say we were in Accident and Emergency just days ago.

Cannulas of analgesic and antibiotics, ECGs, CT scans, blood samples, tears (mine), checks for heart attack and cancer were all analysed as I waited and watched the dawn break from my car because Covid rules prevented me from actually being by his bedside.

We went into hospital for extreme back pain and found ourselves having to consider the types of conversation that no one wants to have via WhatsApp until the wee small hours.

However ...

One week on we are feeling optimistic. The NHS, antibiotics and anticoagulants have worked and, with rest, a full recovery is on the cards.

Therefore it was with much joy and slight surprise when my workaholic partner said:

"Let's go for some Spa".

Thrilled was I. Immediately I started thinking of lush thick towelling robes, jacuzzi, sauna, light swimming, heavenly facials, shoulder and neck massages and champagne. (Not forgetting to mention the freebies I was going to negotiate).

So here I am:

I am in Spa!

The one in Belguim for the famous GT3 24hr Endurance Race.

I am typing this in the pit!!!

This is not quite the Champneys experience I was dreaming of.

Instead of warm towels I am in warm waterproofs and layers.

Instead of unknotted shoulders I have mild

(fear related) whiplash from driving in Europe for the first time since 1998 when I got lost in Luxembourg for two hours.

Instead of heavenly facials I am having Covid probes pushed into my brain via my nostrils every two days.

Instead of tinkling music being piped softly into my ears they are ringing like onset tinnitus from McLaren, Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari engines and men in heavily badged jumpsuits 'effin and jeffin'.

No spa aroma of eucalyptus, lavender and mint for me. Think rubber, diesel and testosterone.

My Spa experience is not what I expected.

It is ten times better.

Especially the Porsche hospitality!

Footnote: In all seriousness the hospital doctor allowed us to go on the condition that I went to ensure all meds are taken, hydration is maintained and that I make him rest whilst he race engineers a team for a non-stop 24hr race!!! (This is a man who has petrol in his veins - wish me luck!)

Coming soon from a Pit Lane near you ...

Part 2 - the one about Mums with sons who drive at nearly 200 mph ...

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