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50 Shades of Worry - Monday Perspective

If Degrees were given out for worry I would have a PhD. Dr Amanda Worry would be my name.

I can worry if there is nothing to worry about. I never shut down my 'worry tabs' either.

So this is how my Monday started:

This is how it ended:

Why and how did this monumental turnaround happen?

  1. I didn't watch the News (Covid Fear Factor is at it's peak and I'm getting right jittery).

  2. I dropped off some Potting Shed products on my way to work and saw an old friend Liam.

  3. I went to work and saw my colleagues who I am honoured to call friends.

Despite the cold wind blowing through the Covid-safe open windows I felt warm. (If I'm truly honest I was wearing a thermal vest, polo neck and wool poncho). Despite knocking over my tea, having period pain from hell (TMI?) and losing ten or so Guided Reading documents on my laptop because I cannot work out the new bloody saving system I reminded myself that January is over.

I also got this on Instagram from the friend I'd dropped products to:

And another order went ping in my In Tray!!! Thank you Elissa!

So if tomorrow is greyer than today I will remember to focus on the things that are going right and not worry about all the things that could go wrong!

The grey clouds below are really Salt Scrub (I love my Potting Shed) and Spring and Season 2 of Bridgerton are on their way!

PS: I did not really get into the paddling pool today. That would be well mental. It's the 1st Feb ffs.

Worry less folks and have a great Tuesday!

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