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A heavenly mix of salt, sweet almond oil and essential oils which makes the skin feel silky soft, moisturised and smelling divine.   The aroma of geranium and sweet orange is energising and truly gorgeous.  


How to use:  open the jar and stir the salt and oil with the wooden stirrer provided.  The aroma is amazing so enjoy this bit!  Inhale and remember that self-care is essential.


Stand in the shower but do not turn the water on yet as the salt scrub works best on dry skin.  Take a small handful of the salt scrub and rub onto the skin.  Imagine you are sanding a door frame!  Use vigorous stokes on upper arms and thighs.  You show that cellulite who's boss!!  (If you have no cellulite I salute you and am not jealous at all...).  

When you are happy with your buffing then shower as normal.  Your skin might feel a bit tingly.  


You and your bathroom will smell divine.  When showered pat the skin and apply body body moisturiser if required. 


Teacher Risk Assessment:  Please take care not to slip on any scrub mixture in the bath or shower tray.  I am divorcing which is costing me a fortune and I really cannot afford a law suit!  


Reviving Salt Scrub - Geranium and Sweet Orange

  • Ingredients:  Salt, Sweet Almond Oil and Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils.

  • If you are unhappy with the product please contact me and I will refund you.

    If the item is damaged in anyway please contact me and I will either refund you or send out another product without any cost to you. 

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