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Be invigorated.  Be gorgeous.   Smelling devine and have silky soft skin.


The Salt Scrub is made from: Salt, Sweet Almond,  Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oil.    Quickly frankly a Spa in a Jar! 


Directions for use:  Open jar and stir with the wooden stick provided.  Inhale.  Smile.  Forget your overdraft, the overly long 'things to do list',  work pressure or the brilliant white towel that you have turned turned grey for a few 'me time' minutes.  Stand in the shower/bath tray and take a handful of the scrub.  Massage vigorously onto upper arms and thighs.  Anywhere on you like really.  (Salt scrub on freshly shaved bikini line is fun).  Imagine you are a Painter and Decorator sanding down a door frame!!   Massage your skin.  It should be a bit tingly and maybe a bit pink.   When you are scrubbed shower as normal.  Moisturise if required and say to yourself 'I'm gorgeous let's slay today!".


Teacher Risk Assessment - please try not to spill scrub on the floor too much as I would not want you to slip!!!  Teeth are very useful. 

Invigorating Salt Scrub

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