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Be calmed and balanced with the soothing properties of Lavender and enchance sense of well-being with sweet uplifting Orange.   It smells devine and will make you forget the washing/ironing/dishwasher pile/1000 emails and work pressure for a few magical moments. 


Spray around you and inhale the calming aroma.  Say 'I'm beautfiul' aloud.  Do this ideally in public infront of mortified teenagers.  Alternatively use as an air freshner for smelly teens/dog/partner!


Top Tip from the Shed: 


Oranges - The orange blossom floral water is a great facial toner and drinking squeezed orange juice, which is full of collegen-promoting vitamin C and antioxidants, is an ideal

way to help the skin from the inside.  I like to take mine with Vodka. 


Calming Spritzer - Lavender and Sweet Orange

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