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Welcome to my Blog - Shed Club

Anyone can join. It's free. The only expense is laughter at me!

Is the club for you?

Do you spend most of your time doing this:

If you smiled or smirked at bit then Welcome! You are definitely a member of Shed Club!

A bit about me ... 48, 3 children, teacher, tired and probably menopausal.

I don't know about you but 2021 is beginning to be as discombobulating as 2020 was.

One minute I think I know what I am doing. I imagine I am all Ava Gardner cool ...

On top of things, organised, cool and beautifully turned out. Maybe not the hat. Fuck it yes to the hat.

The reality is I am a green quivering wreck of anxiety, fear and indecision.

On most days I see the humour in life and take courage and inspiration from my amazing work colleagues, friends and my family.

I am hurtling through my forties. I can catastrophise - a lot. I am turning into a hybrid of Joyce Grenfell and Dick Emery. I am awful but I hope you like me.

I think humour even in the darkest hour is essential right now. My aim is to post each day. Ideally funny but on occasion a bit serious and grown up.

So welcome! Let's navigate this lockdown together!

Amanda x

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