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Wedding History


Twenty three years later we've all been married, become proud parents and have eleven children between us.

Weddings ...

It would be fair to say that I love a wedding and having been asked to make a fragrance oil for a beautiful bridal boutique I need no excuse to research.

So where to start?

If Bridal fashion changes with the decades. Can the same be said for fragrance?

1930s - Lavender and top hats. Spiffing!

1940s - Lily of the Valley, air raid shelters, heroes and hope that we will meet again.

1950s - Chanel No 5 which perfectly matches the number of marriages our Joan Collins has had!! Tres Chic!

1960s - Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, short skirts, sharp suits and free love Fonda style

1970s - Rock 'n' Roll and Revlon's Charlie (Not the white powder -well probably!!).

1980s - Poison the powerhouse - guaranteed to knock out the first 5 pews

with it's heady scent. Bride's shoulder pads could take the groom down too!

1990s - Calvin Klein's Eternity (Let's hope that Carolyn and John Kennedy have eternal happiness).

2000s - Dior J'adore and Posh's

hunger - surely she could have eaten one of the apples in her bouquet?

So what are the current trends?

In 2021 I really think that anything goes .... whatever your size, colour, sexual orientation or religion.

So with all these ideas in mind I will mix up some aromatherapy oils and add a big dose of The Potting Shed.

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – Coco Chanel

Every Bride Needs to smell and feel devine - The Potting Shed

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