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Weather forecast is for Brain Fog

This morning ...

I lost my purse. I went back to the shop. I searched the car park. I ransacked the house. I was not an oasis of calm.

I cocked up and ordered toilet roll instead of paper towels for my partner's business.

I found myself in a right muddle and a small puddle.

Is it me or is it menopause Brain Fog?

Brain Fog is perfectly illustrated by the picture below:

So what do I do with this rather depressing forecast?

Do I ...

a) fall into tailspin of panic and doom


b) read, research and share

Option a) with wine is tempting but....I choose b)

Read - there is fantastic material out there. Menopause Matters publication for a start.

Research - Meg Matthews - stay a rock chick in your 50's!!!!

Share - talk to your GP, family and friends and help them understand that you are not mental

and share with other like minded souls. I have found this fantastic site on Facebook:

This private group is for all my Perimeno and Meno Queens 👑 let's have our own private place to discuss, ask, support, cheer, cry, fume, laugh and educate each other. Together we got this!

With 'read, research and share' the fog is lifting.

So did I find my purse? Yes. It was under my bed.

Did I make right the paper towel cock up? Yes I have.

Am I in a muddle puddle? No I am not.

Am I alone in the fog? No.

Infact the weather forecast is for sunshine this weekend. I cannot wait!!

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