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The need for a good foundation

Molly is now 13 and experimenting with make up. As you can see she was a natural from an early age.

We love nothing more than a visit to SpaceNK , Boots, Superdrug or Primark then home to put on face packs, paint our nails and condition our hair. (The battle against brassiness is real folks!)

However when I read this in the Mail Online this morning:

I did this:


Thank goodness Molly has a good foundation and knows that being a beautiful person is more important than the reflection she sees in her iphone. Or does she? Is her foundation flawless? She can lack confidence in her appearance. If this message is not embedded in her pysche then I need to be a better parent!!!

However sometimes it's hard not to judge isn't it??? Be honest what do you think when you see these:

The beauty of age is we grow, we learn.

We have more wisdom.

And as much as the youth-glorifying Hollywood would like us to believe, it's nothing.

They're wrong.

Sherilyn has not chosen botox, filler or surgery. She doesn't use a filter on her instagram page

which is full of positivity. |

I spend far too long trying to find a filter to make my nose look smaller and my wrinkles less wrinkly. Am I shallow? Am I brainwashed by the beauty industry?

Surely a healthy old age is the best beauty goal and with age we are granted the wisdom to realise this.

Here are some beautiful things.

You can always feel beautiful with some Potting Shed goodies!

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