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Testing times

I just shouted downstairs, to anyone who will hear me, that I am just about to wee on a stick.

Eerie silence, fear and panic envelopes the house.

Panic not.

I am

a: not pregnant

b: not getting married

(Anyways I did both of those in 2001 - #shotgun wedding)

The test is for the big M and I am most definitely expecting!

The wedding magazine is for inspiration as I might be making some Potting Shed products for Brides.

I am beyond thrilled to have this amazing opportunity as I am packing up my house and witness to the passing of time when I find items like this that make me stop and realise how quickly time flies.

I also found a lunch box with sandwiches in from pre-lockdown in Molly's wardrobe. This needs no photo.

As I fill cardboard boxes I do not regret past decisions or how the years have flown because I am so excited about the new chapter in my life.

So in celebration of all things to come and a positive test result, that I can still drink on, perhaps I will allow myself just one cheeky look at dresses for the mature bride ...

Think Nik might need some Calming Spritzer too!!!

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