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Smell the roses not the teenagers

Teenagers destroy kitchens. They are crumb spreaders, stain makers and dishwasher avoiders. Home schooling is home feeding. My fridge door opens more than No 10.

So on one of my many trips to Lidl I bought myself a bunch of roses. They were £4.99. I felt a bit bad for buying them when I should have bought a bumper pack of sausage rolls or 4 frozen pizzas. (Mental note to try and buy green things).

All feelings of guilt however were quashed as the roses on my island had a certain magical power. For example when I enter the kitchen my eyeline is drawn to them so I don't worry that the cereal is still out at 1.30pm, that scrambled egg has been microwaved into concrete on my Pyrex or that there isn't a clean mug or spoon to be found in the house.

Lockdown 'self care' is essential. And that is exactly what I told myself when I bought two litres of Gin yesterday. I just need to find a f*"king clean glass!!!

Chin Chin!

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