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Sizing up the competition

I am so excited about starting The Potting Shed. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much if you have ordered something. I love making up orders and really hope that I can make more. I dream of setting up a stall at a Summer Fayre or Country Show when all this Covid nightmare is over! I have ordered personalised pinafores for Molly and I to wear in preparation!

However as I Google in bed on a Sunday morning I cannot resist eyeing up the competition ...

Mission - investigate Salt Scrubs

So in conclusion to this extensive research (2 products). I am bigger (650g of ingredients - salt, oil and essential oils) and cheaper (£15.00). Result.

However I haven't quite nailed down 'brand philosophy'.

So more stalking. Let's take a look:

OH GOD they used a semi-colon. No one knows how to use a semi.

Does The Potting Shed re-imagine relaxation? My relaxation is a box set on Netflix, bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a Dairy Milk. Possibly wearing an Oodie.

Here is another statement:

Blimey. Better put my black pointy hat and cauldron away then.

Mental note: start some (about a million) crunches before proposed photoshoot.

So The Potting Shed ......

Simple things made well.

All made by me.

All made with natural products.

They work.

They smell gorgeous.

They look good on you and your bathroom shelf.

They do not cost the earth.

The jar can be recycled.

No animals or children are hurt during the making of.

(Well I might 'eff and jeff' at my sons Edward and James a bit).

They do not include Unicorn poo.

I have just bought 24 jars.

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