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The visual vaccine, the antedote, the fix for worry, no pub, getting fatter and missing your family and friends dreadfully during Corona virus is Netflix.

I have binged like Princess Diana (The Crown) . Too soon?

My top 5:


Tiger King

House of Cards


The Crown

Schitt's Creek

The Queen's Gambit

Did I say 5? ... I lied like Carol Baskin.

My daughter and I are watching Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. We have even penciled in Dawson's Creek.

But nothing prepared me for the fluorescently gaudy and sumptuous feast that is Bridgerton. Mary Poppins is the narrator ffs!

It's Gossip Girl with bonnets, bosoms and bonking!!! It's a technicoloured triumph in taffeta that is camper than my favourite gang:

Initially I was a wholly against. 'Oh no. Not for me', said I. I am a BBC Pride and Prejudice and Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility snob. However my best friend said, 'I wager that you shall be in love with the shag fest in shot silk by New Year's Eve'. And bigeminy dear reader she was right. They certainly do go down in the most delightful way.

But life can be cruel. There is only one season!!! House of Cards had forty-seven seasons at least ffs!!!

I am bereft. Hurry up Lady Whistledown and quill some more!

Until then I will put on something a little more comfortable, pour a drink and scroll the Netflix front page for two hours of so. The quest for the next binge fest begins....

Chin Chin!

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