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Laughing through the tears

“Don't go fighting against the Spring.”

― E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

We have moved house and are faced with a new view.

Twelve years of life packed into a seven and half tonne truck and fifteen bags of clothes squeezed into the Salvation Army bins at the local park. (I blame Primark #Ionlywentinforsocks)

As I swept one last time our voices echoed when we said goodbye to our home and fat tears ran down Molly's cheeks. As we drove away I reassured Molly that having a big and ugly cry is good for the soul. To prove this point I had one too. In fact I went to town a bit with my weeping and wailing to ensure that by the time we got to Granny's, our new temporary home, Molly was laughing at me with tears of laughter rather than sorrow.

Granny met us at the door with a smile and large glass of wine. Molly was puzzled but I reassured her that during these times of change Prosecco at 10.30 am is absolutely fine.

One bottle down, we looked to the future, decided not to dwell on things we cannot change and thanked God I managed to divorce a man who posts ...


Seeing my bikini bottoms, the very ones that I had put in the rubbish bin (because seriously I was NEVER going to give The Salvation Army my smalls!!!) reappear before my very eyes on Facebook Market Place has given my family and friends years of laughter.

Like my Bikini Tankini Selection laughter is free so we can either cry or laugh during the good times and bad. I choose the later.

And Proscecco!

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