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Heavy bottoms are worth it!

One of the best bits about making The Potting Shed was sourcing and taking delivery of the amber Salt Scrub jars.

They are large and weighty like Dartington heavy bottom gin glasses They feel luxurious and look rather lovely on the windowsill. When you unscrew the lid you get a heavenly burst of essential oils and you automatically lose five pounds and look ten years younger. Ok I made that last bit up.

The jars are more expensive than plastic. But a bit like L'Oreal you are worth it and it got me thinking...

How can I justify the glass and save the planet? I know ...


Just look at how happy they are...

The sane amongst us know that lime green corduroy trousers are a gamble.

When I collect, I mean scoop from the floor near the kitchen patio door, the 5 milk bottles, 4 bottles of wine, cider cans, mayonnaise jars and assorted tins I smile just like the Mummy above. When the baked bean juice and old red wine dribbles down the sleeve of my greying dressing gown as I swish them out under the tap I am glad that I didn't lob them all into the black bin. Honestly I would skip with joy to the garden swamp patch where the recycling bins live if I wasn't wearing my slipper socks inside my son's size eleven trainers which were also discarded by the patio doors. (Does any child in my house know where the f*"king downstairs cupboard is?).

Recycling. Smug grown ups do it and like 'Five a Day' we all know about it and deep down we all know we should do it.

The only downside is the ear splitting crescendo of glass smashing to smithereens as my bottles tumble into the recycling 'cart of shame' every other Wednesday. (I can't even pretend I had a party during Lockdown!).

Glass must be recycled. But the 'cart of shame' is too good for this amber Salt Scrub jar so I suggest we recycle it by using it again!

I promise that if you return the jar to me I will sterilise it and return it to you re-filled with the Salt Scrub of your choice for £10.00.

How does sound?

I guess if you live far away I will have to think about postage returns ... but it's a good start.

Cheers! Let's celebrate with a can!

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