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Every School Needs

... amazing children, adults and Spritzer!

A successful school feels like home and I have been lucky enough to work in a place that has felt like my family for the last five academic years.

Visionary leadership, teamwork, hard work, laughter, passion and high aspirations for the children are all vital ingredients for what makes an outstanding school. Put all these together and you can feel safe to wear a turkey on your head and make true friends for life.

Make no mistake school work is hard work. After a heavy lunch of carbohydrates followed by several packets of Kitkat fingers the prospect of listening to slow readers sound out every word in a hot corridor can be challenging. However, never fear, The Potting Shed is here!

A few sprays of Invigorating eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and orange, Reviving geranium and orange or Calming lavender and orange will soon pep you up for whatever task beckons.

Even this ... the teacher's miscue analysis favourite:

Hours of fun when children mix up the letter b and d

The Mini Spritzer is perfect for cars, pockets or handbags. Perfect for gifting - in fact I have just made 14 Mini Reviving Spritzers for a Headteacher friend to gift to her staff instead of Easter Eggs. I can personalise the labels too!

The 30ml Spritzer comes in a lovely amber glass bottle and is only £4.00.

So order lots if you like because ...

Every School Needs Spritzer!

Not the white wine kind - save that for home time!

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