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Divorced yesterday. Bridal shop Friday. What would Dolly Say?

Here is the news!

I am divorced.

The oil delivery has come. Not Golden Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil for amazing Potting Shed Balms and Salt Scrubs but sweet sweet heating oil. We ran out on Saturday. I was quoted 19th February. The kind man came early. (Not often I say that).

I am not sure which I one I am more pleased about?!

So I am thinking of celebrating with a divorce cocktail.

Something that is bitter sweet and that doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth. A divorce cocktail must be horrendously expensive, like my Barrister, but worth every single penny. Any ideas? Please log on to comment below!

In other news ...

I have been given a proposal. I have been asked to make a Potting Shed bridal goodie bag! What a thrill and compliment. I am busy with potions, cute jars, mini spritzers, white ribbons and hope for my new little business!

Divorced and in a Wedding Shop in the same week! If only I could try on a dress or two!!! (My boss has literally turned ashen and just dropped/thrown her phone reading this!).

So as I start a new chapter in my life - What would Dolly say?

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one".

Seriously that dress ... third time lucky in daffodil????

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