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It's my birthday. I am 49. Time to reassess my make up routine ...

Looks in make up bag, flinches, then over thinks the vast and overwhelming task of choosing from products in brightly lit aisles of Boots and Superdrug. Primer, Filler, Fixer, Sandpaper, trowel - no sorry that's my Wickes order.

Last time I went into Superdrug they were selling Unicorn Essence!!! I bought three.

Maybe I could find someone kind in John Lewis who will not judge me when I say my cleansing routine consists of putting 'Finish Rinse Aid' in the dishwasher.

Joking aside my good friend Louisa is helping me immensely with Tropic skin care which I love. I will look thirty-eight by next month I am sure of it!!!

And I promise to take my mascara off every night. (Lies come so easily to me at nearly fifty).

So how can I set a good example to my twelve year old, nearly teen, daughter???

"Mirror Mirror on my phone who is the fairest of them all?"

Raising a daughter in a culture of constant social media and 'www' engagement is wonderful, enlightening and sometimes frightening. The mobile phone is a mirror that most girls (not all) can stare into constantly. The reflection they see however is not one way, it is a portal to enable posts on Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram. All good you might say. However a bit like "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" we cannot guarantee what the phone will say. For the young and vulnerable the number of likes, flattering emojis and shares can matter very much. God forbid the anxiety and angst caused when a so called 'friend' shares something nasty.

I could throw her phone in the bin. I could manage and constantly monitor her screen time. But let's be realistic. The phone for the teen is here to stay. Plus how else are we going to watch Make Up Tutorials and Make Up Fails on YouTube together?

My birthday wish is that my daughter will have the confidence and self-belief in herself to know that it is her personality and the way she thinks and acts that matter most.

To insure this I started early in her life by showing Molly that make up can be subtle, minimal and used only to bring out the 'natural you' because it is what's inside that counts.

Think I nailed it!!

Reality is Molly is already using eyelash curlers ffs!! I can't even hold them properly!

Happy Friday!

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